W H Y  S T A G E ? 

HOME BUYERS don't purchase a BOX...a BOX is where we store things.
They are searching for LIGHT, SPACE, WARMTH & DIMENSION
because HOME is where we live, celebrate, nurture, find peace & build memories!

PROFESSIONAL STAGING enhances these elements,


» Up to 75% of today's buyers shop online first before viewing properties in person. Consequently, 2D pictures of your home are your most potent marketing tools.
» Owner-occupied homes that translate in photos as cramped, cluttered or dated increase the chance that buyers will screen out your home and move on to the next property.
» Online photos of vacant homes may not generate enough interest to draw people to your door.
» When your home is professionally Staged, your marketing photos reveal a property that stands apart from the competition, ideally, a pre-owned model home!
» Once buyers step through your door, professional Staging creates focal points in each area, keeping potential buyers in your home longer. It also provides an emotional hook to help them select your property over the house down the street.
» The most advantageous time to sell your home is the first 2-4 weeks after it is listed.
» To significantly increase your chances of selling in this market, it is ESSENTIAL that your home is priced competitively and looks its very best from the FIRST DAY it is listed!

Call The Notably Well-Dressed Home today to help you prepare your property for sale!

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