SERVICES for Sellers and Realtors

STAGING TO SELL – Staging With Our Furnishings

VACANT PROPERTIES – (both new and pre-owned homes)

Staging spotlights your home’s positive features and provides warmth, dimension and visual impact to every staged room, so that potential Buyers will “fall in love.” We stage with up-to-date, coordinated furniture groupings in order to appeal to your home’s target buyer, maximizing the perceived value of your property.


STAGING CONSULTATIONS – Ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers

OCCUPIED PROPERTIES– (using your own furnishings)

We provide customized staging recommendations – room by room – for you to implement. Our consultation includes a PowerPoint presentation that displays the differences that staging will make, and shows how to achieve dramatic results on your own with a little guidance from us. You take notes and execute our recommendations after the Consultation is completed.



1-DAY STAGING MAKEOVERS – Rediscover/Renew/Refresh

A staging makeover is a “facelift” for one room or your entire home. We provide this hands-on service for staging your home with your existing furnishings. Whether you are putting your property on the market, or just want to refresh the look of your current home without spending a lot of money, we work with you to achieve amazing results by using your existing furnishings in new and creative ways! We may suggest that you purchase a few new decor items, but our goal is to keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. (NOTE: we don’t do heavy lifting or cleaning)



PHOTOS FOR THE RMLS – Using Updated Technology

Our Photo Service includes use of a quality camera with a wide-angle lens and enhanced photo-processing with HDR software to produce dramatic and compelling photos, in line with current industry standards. We have been staging from the perspective of the camera’s eye for over a decade and the photos that we provide for the RMLS enhance your home and give you a powerful edge over the competition.

For more information about our photo service, CLICK HERE



SERVICES FOR REALTORS – Benefits to You, The Realtor

A local broker once remarked, “You’re never a prophet in your own home.” She was commenting on her “family” of sellers. Often, an outside expert has more credibility, even though you may recommend essentially the same things to your sellers as that “expert” does.

We meet with you and your sellers and say the things we both know they need to hear:

  • We talk with your sellers respectfully about how to make the changes necessary to properly showcase their home for both online photos and when prospective buyers come to view the property in person.
  • We share a brief presentation of BEFORE and AFTER photos of staged homes with your sellers. This technique has proven very successful, even with reluctant clients, in providing a powerful visual incentive to do the work needed to prepare their home in order to sell quickly and for top dollar.
  • If there are problem areas in the home, we address those challenges and find simple, cost effective solutions.
  • When a home is languishing on the market, we provide ideas on how to “jumpstart” the listing and increase the chances that it will attract buyers.
  • We offer a gift certificate that you can purchase and give to your sellers in the form of Stager Bucks. Your sellers can use this for a consultation or hands-on makeover. When they receive this gift from you for listing with them, it becomes a win-win because the service provided assures that (as long as they do their staging “homework”), their property will be ready when the photographer arrives.